In the capital of France on 26th-27th June 2017, the second meeting of the partners
under the project “WOT – Work-based Entrepreneurship Training for People with
Disabilities” took place. Partners discussed the developing intellectual results:
content of two guides and two sets of e-learning courses, dedicated to people with

physical disability who want to increase their entrepreneurial potential and their
mentors who run a business or work as a freelancers. Among the essential issues
discussed by the partners, there were also issues related to project management,
dissemination of its results and monitoring of implemented indicators. The partners
also set out in details the topic of the upcoming week-long training in Pisa (LTTA),
which will involve people with disabilities.

In June 2017 in Paris, France took place the last partners meeting in frames of
Erasmus+ project RECAR – Casebook for Career Counsellors for People with